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Waddesdon Manor – A Fantastic Family Day Out

Waddesdon Manor – A Fantastic Family Day Out

We were invited along to Waddesdon Manor in Bucks over the May Half Term and my girls absolutely loved it. Waddesdon put on some fantastic activities for kids during the school holidays and while we were there they had Colourscape for the fourth year running.

You arrive by bus from the car park at the front of the manor which is so beautiful it takes your breath away. The landscaped grounds around the manor are vast and pristine making it a pleasure to leisurely explore the gardens statues and fountains.


The woodland parks were very popular with my children and are located conveniently near The Treaterie, a cafe specialising in crepes and other delicious sweet treats. We ordered some crepes for lunch and couldn’t resist the over sized lollies that my girls couldn’t wait to dig in to and loved.


After lunch we headed to the house and was handed a Poupon’s viewfinder. Poupon was a poodle trained to perform extraordinary tricks for house guests and went on lots of adventures with his master. With Poupon’s Viewfinder, you spin the wheel until you find the room you are in, follow the arrow to find a pattern to search for which are all at Poupon’s height or below, making it perfect for children.

Poupon's viewfinder

Once we had found everything on Poupon’s finder we made our way to Colourscape. It was our first experience of Colourscape, a labrynth of light and colours captured in a huge dome-like structure. We took our shoes off put on a provided coloured jacket and made our way in. My girls couldn’t believe their eyes as we entered the tunnels of colour accompanied by beautiful music which all felt out of this world but very therapeutic at the same time. We spent 30 minutes loosing and finding each other in the maze of tunnels, all with smiles on our faces. Colourscape is very popular so if they run it again be prepared to queue or aim to get there at the beginning or end where the queues were a little shorter.

We spent most of the day at Waddesdon and by the end of it we were all exhausted but happy in the knowledge that we had enjoyed a fantastic day.

Waddesdon Manor is part of the National Trust where you can purchase an annual membership which is great value if you plan to go a few times a year. There are National Trust attraction all over the country including some local ones at Cliveden, Greys Court and Stowe.

Details of Waddesdon Manor

Location: Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP18 0JH

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We were invited to Waddesdon as a guest

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