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Top Christmas Gifts for Kids 2017

Top Christmas Gifts for Kids 2017

We’ve been channelling our inner Santa and have got the top Christmas gifts for children this year. So grab a cuppa and your purse, and have a look below.

Cry Babies

Cry Babies Christmas 2017

These cute onesie wearing babies are taking the toy market by storm. We have 2 already in our house, and yet there’s still another one on the gift list for this Christmas. I have to say, they are some of the cutest looking dolls I’ve seen, but warning they like to have a little cry and need to be soothed with their dummies. They can also be filled with water to cry life like tears. Great for boys and girls who love caring for babies and enjoy some goof old fashioned role play. Suitable for 18 months – 6 years.

To get your Cry Baby from Tesco Direct for £29.99, click here now.

Lego City Police Station

Lego City Police Station christmas 2017

The perfect present for children who like to build, and this will be guaranteed to give you some well deserved quiet time on Boxing Day. Kiddies can take on the roll of the law enforcing good cop with this imaginative police station. Set it all up and then enjoy hours of fun running the police station, putting the baddies in to prison and driving around on the police motorbike, pursuit car or even the helicopter for real emergencies!

Click here to get yours from John Lewis. £59.98.


Hatchimals christmas 2017

Hatchimals are the Christmas present for 2017. What’s inside the egg, that’s the surprise that your little one will get to discover with time and a lot of love. Care for the egg and it will start making noises, it’s eyes lighting up to let you know how it’s feeling. When you see it’s eyes become rainbows you’ll know it’s ready to hatch, but it can’t do it on its own. Your little ones touch will encourage it to peck its way out of the egg. Now the real fun starts as they can help it to grow through three stages; from baby, to toddler, to child. Your Hatchimal will sing ‘Hatchy Birthday’ every time it enters a new stage. They can be taught to walk, talk, dance and more. It will even repeat what you say in its own voice. This perfect Christmas present for children age 5 years +. Never mind the kiddies, I think this may be on my list to Santa this year.

Get your Hatchimal from The Entertainer for £59.99, click here now.

Splash out on their first set of wheels

Childrens electric cars christmas 2017

Want to win some serious mummy and daddy brownie points? Why not make all their Christmas wishes come true with an electric car. Lots of cars come with functioning doors, seatbelts, windshields, front lights, start buttons and horns. Here’s hoping they haven’t picked up on any of our bad driving habits!

We found some great options on Tesco Direct with prices from £39.00, click here to shop.

Little Tykes Super Chef Kitchen

Little Tykes kitchen christmas 2017

A fantastic gift to inspire use of their imaginations and encourage role play, a kitchen is a great option for a Christmas gift for children aged 3 years +. There are loads out there to choose from, we really like this one from The Entertainer currently reduced from £89.99 to £71.99. It’s a stylish, unisex kitchen which makes lifelike noises and includes an; oven, fridge, microwave, hob, coffee maker, towel rail and cupboard with accessories.

To buy this kitchen through the entertainer, click here.

The Fingerlings Craze!

Fingerlings christmas 2017

Have your little ones discovered Fingerlings yet? If not, this is one of the top Christmas gifts for 2017. These cute little monkeys come in a range of colours and are suitable for children age 6 – 10 years (although my 3 and 5 year old are obsessed with them). They talk, make noises and move and love to cling on to things, especially fingers! At £15.00 each they make an ideal additional gift, or even a stocking filler depending on your budget, and are great collectables. Make sure you order in plenty of time, they’ve been selling out faster than they can stock the shelves.

To get your Fingerling now via The Entertainer, click here for great Christmas gifts.

Lego Boost

Lego Boost Christmas 2017

If your child has shown an interest in coding, or it’s something you want to encourage this is a great gift to go for.

Build and customise Vernie, your own personal talking robot friend, code its behaviour and complete fun activities with the included play mat. Speak to Vernie and it will respond with facial expressions that reflect its mood. Vernie can move in all directions at variable speed on its large tracks, see objects and colours, sense distance, grip and carry accessories, make hand gestures and launch darts from its shoulder mounted shooter! Vernie also senses and reacts to impacts and knows when you pick it up. Suitable for ages 7 – 12 years.

To get yours now for £149.00, click here to shop through Tesco Direct.


Childrens scooters christmas 2017

These are always a favourite at Christmas, and we’re massive fans of anything that encourages children to get out and about in the fresh air. Plus you can take it out on the Boxing Day walk to blow off the cobwebs. There are loads of different types of scooters available now, some even with lights if your little one really likes to standout. Suitable from 12 months – 12 years.

We found a great range of scooters at fantastic prices at The Entertainer, click here to shop.

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi

fisher-price think & learn teach 'n tag movi

This is aimed at children aged 3 – 6 years, and it great at stimulating learning while having fun. This little robot has an awesome design, and will get your child moving and learning along with him! Ideal for preschoolers, Movi rolls around on his wheels and can turn around in a circle with 360º of movement. There are three fun game modes with six games to play, all while interacting with your cool robot who has more than 60 different faces. Show off your best dance moves as well as your listening skills, as you play active games like ‘Red Light, Green Light’ and ‘Movi Says’.

To pick up yours at The Entertainer for £44.99, click here.

Fancy Dress

Childrens fancy dress Christmas 2017

Our fancy dress box has spilled over in to two, and shows no sign of slowing down. A fancy dress outfit is a great gift that will give them endless amounts of fun and role play great for their development. We checked out The Entertainer and found loads of options. From Elsa, to PJ Masks, to Snow White, to a Stormtrooper. There’s something for everyone!

Head to The Entertainer to find something for your little character.


Childrens trampoline christmas 2017

Thanks to the John Lewis Christmas ad last year, trampolines have been at the forefront of the Christmas gift pecking order, and they continue to be this year too. A great gift for getting kids healthy, active and out in the fresh air. And it may well help get you some more sleep at night too. Winning! Prices start from £135.00.

To order your trampoline now check out this selection at John Lewis for great Christmas gifts.

A classic Doll’s House

John Lewis dolls house christmas 2017

Always a favourite on children’s Christmas gifts lists, a classic doll’s house is a gift that won’t end up collecting dust in the corner of the room. We found this beautiful 3-story house at John Lewis. With a front that opens fully to reveal the rooms and stair cases inside, there will be hours of fun and imaginative play with this gift. Priced at £100.00, this is perfect for boys and girls aged 3 years +.

To buy this dolls house at John Lewis, click here.


We hope you found this post on children’s Christmas gifts useful. If you’re looking for ideas for days out and what’s on for families this Christmas in Buckinghamshire, click here.

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