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Little Ankle Biters Awards 2018 – Voting Now Closed!

Little Ankle Biters Awards 2018 – Voting Now Closed!

Annnnnd stop. Voting has now closed for the Little Ankle Biters Awards 2018. We’re off to get our calculators out, and will be announcing your winners here, and on our Facebook page, later this week. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to nominate and vote for the fantastic local businesses supporting families in Buckinghamshire. You’re all amazing. These awards will help spread the word about the brilliant restaurants, pubs, attractions, groups, theatres and more, that we have locally.

Good luck to all the finalists, watch this space!




Thank you for casting your votes in the Little Ankle Biters Awards 2018. If you’d like to look at ideas for days out with the kiddies in Buckinghamshire, click here.




11 thoughts on “Little Ankle Biters Awards 2018 – Voting Now Closed!”

  • both my kids have been to sports factor and they have loved it!! the staff are amazing and make the kids have so much fun

  • Where’s Jackie Palmers on this list? Clearly the most established dance school in the area – look how far James corden has come! :p
    My daughter loves it there!

    • Hi! Really glad your daughter loves the classes! The finalists were all based on the businesses who got the most nominations x

  • I first saw The Sports Factor in an Infants School I was working at in Aylesbury.
    James Smith and his team somehow manage to get the quietest most, unconfident children to their feet to take part in fun and active sports.
    James has achieved so much in leading the fight against childhood obesity and low self-esteem. To see him in action is a truly joyful experience.

  • We have had and been to party’s run by he party poppers and they are by far the absolute best!!!!!! The balloons and face painting are amazing and they keep the kids attention the entire time. We had 60 children at my daughters party and they had all of them entertained the entire time. Amazing!!

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