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Swimming Lessons for Children in Buckinghamshire

Swimming Lessons for Children in Buckinghamshire

If you’re looking for swimming lessons for children, toddlers and babies in Buckinghamshire, here are the Little Ankle Biters suggestions.


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Puddle Ducks Cherwell & Aylesbury Vale

Puddle Ducks Cherwell & Aylesbury Vale run Aqua Natal, Baby & Pre-School (0-4), and Swim Academy (4-10) classes across Buckinghamshire!

Our Aqua natal classes are a great way to meet other mums and combine relaxation with cardiovascular exercises. In our Swimming classes our experienced teachers deliver fun, engaging classes, in a safe environment, progressing children on an individual basis. Our approach ensures that your child’s needs are expertly fulfilled and will nurture their confidence in the water.

To find out more about classes visit: click here


Laura Sevenus, Chalfont St. Giles

At Laura Sevenus Swimming Tuition we believe that every child and baby is unique and that the natural ability to swim is inherent in each one. We aim to provide a safe, clean, caring and nurturing environment where each child is encouraged to explore and in so doing, their innate response to swim is naturally awakened. The Sevenus Swimming Method teachers youngsters to love the water, respect it, to overcome any fear and become completely confident in it!

We are a family run business, supported by a great team. Proof of the success of our method is best described by one of our parents as “… happy children who leap joyously and swim strongly while their parents watch with confidence.”

For more information on classes, click here.


A-Star Swim School, Aylesbury & Chesham

We are a swimming school based in Buckinghamshire providing swimming lessons for Parent & Baby, Children and Adults in 4 different locations. We offer small class sizes providing an optimum learning environment to develop your skills and abilities. All teachers are ASA qualified and have been CRB checked. For more information, click here.


Neil Bailey Swimming, High Wycombe, Beaconsfield & Marlow

We provide a range of lessons for a variety of abilities. Run 7 days a week our teaching ranges from beginner to advanced across the academic year in a number of locations and times, including High Wycombe, Beaconsfield and Marlow. All of our teachers are Amateur Swimming Associated qualified to Level’s 1 and 2 with an up to date enhanced CRB disclosure. We offer small classes of between six to eight children per teacher and use swimming assistants in the pool to rapidly build individual confidence. For more information, click here.


Alfriston Swim School, Beaconsfield

We are delighted to announce that Alfriston School has a beautiful new pool, which now has its own Swim School available to the local community. We run child lessons available for under 5’s, plus ASA stages 1 to 7 for children, as well as adult beginner and improver lessons, the facility has been built overlooking the school’s playing fields and woods and the architectural design is simply stunning. For more information on our classes, click here.


Aloha Swim, High Wycombe

Aloha Swim introduces swimming to all ages in an exciting, safe environment. We aim to help water confidence and develop essential life skills. Our unique blend of small ratio classes and positive encouragement lead to a high level of achievement in the pool. Aloha Swim is based in private, heated pools in High Wycombe, where we offer classes for all adults and children. For more information, click here.


Seriously Fun Swimming Lessons

Learn to swim at our private swimming school with small class sizes for babies, toddlers and children. Join our term time weekly swimming lessons and school holiday intensive swim courses. We have swim classes for beginners to advanced swimmers aged 4 months to 12 years plus an academy for children over 12 years. Our children’s swimming lessons run year round in line with the school calendar at warm indoor pools. Siblings of different abilities are able to swim at the same or similar times as we run multiple class levels each session.

Swimming lessons take place across Buckinghamshire, including; Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Burnham and Wexham. For more information click here.


Atlantis Swimming School, High Wycombe and Gerrards Cross

For children aged 3+ years. We provide classes for non-swimmers all the way through to length swimmers, following the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming, which includes a badge incentive scheme. We only allow 6 children in each class as our aim is to provide quality lessons where the children are given a lot of individual attention. For more information on classes, click here.


Dolphin swimming Club, Chesham, Marlow & Stoke Poges

Dolphin Club was started over 20 years ago with the basic objective of making both children and adults safe in the water. We have been fortunate in that the way the Club has developed.  This has been partly due to its culture, one of professionalism whilst maintaining a friendly, caring and approachable feel which we are extremely proud of. We offer classes from Parent and Baby through to Competitive Swimming Level lessons. We also offer a comprehensive range of Awards at various levels that reflect your child’s progress. Click here for more information.


Swimming Lessons a Hartfield Farm in Cranfield

A family-run leisure facility operating from our working farm in rural Cranfield where the 10 m length pool is ideal for swimming lessons.

Lessons are taught by highly qualified swim instructors using the latest techniques in swim teaching. The classes are broken down into age and ability

  • Tadpole – This class is for are very youngest babies up to 6 months of age. The class is designed to get parent and baby used to the water and to build confidence. Age range is from 4 weeks to six months.
  • Seahorse – This class will continue to get your baby used to water and we will be getting them to use their hands and feet. They will start to learn how to hold on to the side independently. Age range is from approximately 7 months to 12 months
  • Turtle – This class is for the independent toddler who wants to try new things in the water. They will be encouraged to ask questions about the water and how to get around in a confident way. Age range is 24 months to 36 months.
  • Octopus – In this class we think about body position in the water and improving breath control. Children will be able to link moves together and move towards independent swimming. Age range is 36 months to 48 months.
  • Shark – In this class we are developing the independent swimmer either with or without floats. We will look at breathing techniques and strokes.
  • Dolphin – This class is for children who are independent swimmers who need to develop their techniques and strokes.
  • Puffin – This class is for school age children of 5 and 6 years of age that are complete beginners and have, as yet, not learnt to swim. Your child will learn the basic rules of pool safety including entering and exiting the water safely. They will learn to feel confident in the water, both on their front and back. Children will be introduced to front and back paddle as well as breast stroke and leg kick. They will be working towards being able to swim without aids for 2 meters.
  • Swan – This class is for children who are 6 to 7 years old who are beginning their swimming journey. They will already be able to swim approximately 10 meters but will need support with their water confidence as well as experimenting with different strokes and breathe control. They will continue to develop their ongoing stroke work.
  • Mallard – Mallards will usually be 6 or 7 years of age. They will be able to swim between 10 meters and 25 meters unaided. During these sessions the children will retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool as well as collecting a variety of floating objects. They will develop underwater confidence by swimming through hoops and other larger floating objects. They will also continue to develop their stroke work.

For more details click here


We hope you found this post useful. For more information on sports classes for children in Buckinghamshire, click here.

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